July 11-16, 2009, Patras, Greece, Conference & Cultural Center, University of Patras


The FEBS-MPST 2009 course will include General Lectures / Tutorials to be held during the first two days.
Five Plenary Symposia will each be introduced and moderated by leading scientists acting as discussion leaders. An introduction to the topic of each particular symposium will be given by the chairperson.
  • Symposium 1: Functional ECM Molecules in Health and Diseases (Chair::V. Hascall)
  • Symposium 2: ECM Pathobiology (Chair::C-H. Heldin)
  • Symposium 3: Metabolic Regulation of ECM Molecules (Chair::L. Kjellen)
  • Symposium 4: Glycobiology, Disease Monitoring and Targeting (Chair::N. Taniguchi)
  • Symposium 5: Signaling and Molecular Targeting (Chair::D. Kletsas)
D. Heinegård and V. Hascall will deliver the final keynote address to conclude FEBS-MPST2009 Course.

Oral Presentations

Selected "Short Talks" will be delivered during afternoon or evening sessions by graduate students and post-docs. These presentations will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Board on the basis of submitted abstracts.

Poster Sessions

The poster session represents a vital part of the FEBS-MPST 2009 Course. All abstracts, whether or not selected for oral presentations, will be on display as posters during the entire course to provide ample time for informal discussions among students, participants and lecturers. Two poster sessions and poster discussion groups will be organized.
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